Walking into a new day

31 12 2016

Piedra, Spring Creek canyon

Worldwide, and on the home ranges of wild horses and burros, 2016 was a fairly tough year. It was a pretty darn good year in Spring Creek Basin, but I’ve heard a number of people say how glad they are to put 2016 behind them, and they hope 2017 will be better.

I count my blessings every day for this life I love, that I get to live among wild creatures in a stunningly wild place (which has its own human challenges). So in saying good-bye to one year and looking forward to the new, hopefully gratitude will remain my best attitude. With the horses reminding me every day how beautiful is this amazing natural, wild world, that doesn’t seem to be a resolution that will be at all difficult to keep. 🙂

Farewell, 2016!



5 responses

31 12 2016

Happy New Year to you too TJ and the horses of Spring Creek Basin and to all of our wild horses. May 2017 be an even better year for us all.

31 12 2016
Karen Schmiede

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope that 2017 is a good year for people and animals.

31 12 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR TJ and your amazing wild beauties, each has been an inspiration. Hope to visit you in 2017!!

31 12 2016
Sue Story

Happy new year and happy new hope for mustangs everywhere to you,TJ. And yes, we are grateful always for the wild horses and their places, no need for a resolution to keep that going! 🙂

31 12 2016

Happy New Year to you! Yes, life is day to day and seems to be racing along!

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