Snow … no snow … snow …

26 12 2016

Comanche, Spring Creek canyon

Technical issues have been challenging lately, as well as mud from melting snow in 52-degree late-December Colorado weather. Comanche, pictured above on Christmas Eve with Spring Creek canyon in the background, was enjoying the grazing – sans snow but with mud that packed his hooves and covered my boots.

Then we got snow again.

Then it melted again.

Then it snowed again.

And now it’s melting again. πŸ™‚

That means Santa and Ma Nature have given us a whole lotta moisture for Christmas, and we love it!



2 responses

26 12 2016
Sue Story

Sometimes mud is good! And in our high deserts, we’ll take it. πŸ™‚ Comanche is THE MAN – what a hunk!

26 12 2016

YAY!!!! Agreed, Comanche is a hunk of a horse!!!

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