The gold

7 11 2016

Rainbow over Spring Creek Basin.

This was the brighter arch of a full double rainbow over Disappointment Valley. And this photo was taken from outside Spring Creek Basin looking in. Filly Peak is visible at far left (in shade), McKenna Peak and Temple Butte are visible to the right of center, and the rainbow is crowning Brumley Point.

Neither the widest-angle camera lens I own nor my cell phone could capture the full arch of the rainbow – let alone its double. Please believe me when I say (type) how stunningly, awesomely, amazingly, phenomenally, magnificently, marvelously SPECTACULAR it was!

This photo also clearly shows that there be magic in Disappointment Valley. 🙂

(The road into the basin was too wet to drive on – or so advocate Pat Amthor and I thought. The next day was the first day of third rifle season, and slippery mud does not overeager hunters deter – nor the fact that such driving will leave terrible ruts when the now-wet road dries. It’s orange country out here right now, and I ain’t referring to the Denver Broncos.)



3 responses

7 11 2016
Prairie girl

Stay away, TJ. Or, if you are out there, take notes!

7 11 2016

TJ, I check your blog DAILY. I love the pictures that you post. I believe you 100% when you state that it was a full double rainbow. Thank you for all you do to enrich our lives by sharing the beauty of God’s creation with us.

7 11 2016
Sue Story

This photo IS absolutely stunning, TJ, and takes some of the sting away from the dreaded “orange” invasion. The profound beauty of those mustangs and that place marches right on! 🙂

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