Walkin’ near water

8 11 2016


Barely visible behind Reya are the La Sal Mountains of Utah. Although a few ponds in Spring Creek Basin are dry at the end of this dry fall, this particular pond has a good amount of water for the mustangs. We did get a bit of welcome rain a couple of days ago, but our abundant sunshine signals a return to dry and fairly warm conditions.


P.S. ………….. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



5 responses

8 11 2016
Prairie girl

I think Reya has to be one of my favorite mustangs…love those mane burrs!
I just discovered out on Stewart Creek HMA a solar water hole. ( I thought, how smart). It was neat to see the horses and pronghorn drinking together. 🙂

8 11 2016
Prairie girl

Oh, I voted yesterday! :))

8 11 2016

That’s so cool about the solar – pump? – at your water hole in Stewart Creek! How old? Is it working? Oh, I guess it must be if the animals are drinking, huh! :). Sometimes we have pronghorn and mustangs drinking together – or least soon after each other – here, too. Water is precious! And so is this year’s vote!

8 11 2016
Karen Schmiede

Love the pic! Hubby and I voted this AM.

9 11 2016

Great picture. Keep them free!

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