Holiday of gratitude

24 11 2016

Storm, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Happy Thanksgiving to all those whose gratitude for wild places and the wild lives that inhabit these places helps keep those beautiful lives wild and free. With your voices, you speak for the wildness that we love.

Endless thanks!



4 responses

24 11 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Thank you to YOU, for sharing your vision, your passion, your heart, your horses, some of whom I hope to see today :-).

24 11 2016

Happiness to all who work hard to keep the wild horses in wild and free places.

24 11 2016
Karen Schmiede

Happy Thanksgiving to all who love the horses,and to TJ and her wonderful pictures.

24 11 2016
Sue Story

A happy Thanksgiving to all who love and speak for wild horses with a special thanks to you, TJ, for all that you do, including your incomparable photography of our Spring Creek Basin mustangs! 🙂

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