Sand Wash Basin advocates get ’er done

20 09 2016


This handsome hunky stallion is Star, and he lives with his family in Sand Wash Basin, in northwestern Colorado. He posed extremely considerately Sunday morning with the setting full moon.

This past weekend, Michelle Sander, Aleta Wolf, Stella Trueblood and others with Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary and Sand Wash Advocate Team, along with Gina Robison with BLM’s Little Snake Field Office in Craig, hosted about 50 people who came from near and far (including Texas, Missouri and Toronto, Canada) to help with work projects that directly and indirectly benefit those gorgeous mustangs.

SWAT members are directly responsible for the successful PZP program in Sand Wash Basin. In place for just about three years now, it’s having a direct impact on slowing the population growth of this popular herd. BLM plans a bait-trapping operation there later this fall, with which SWAT and GEMS will be intimately involved. BLM plans to remove 50 horses. They’ll go to Cañon City for “processing” (brands, vaccinations, gelding, etc.), then to GEMS, in northeastern Colorado, to be gentled and offered for adoption through GEMS’ partnership with BLM as a TIP storefront.

Read more about the great weekend of camaraderie, work projects and MUSTANGS in this Craig Daily Press article.

SWAT and GEMS and all the folks associated with these groups are doing phenomenal work for this beautiful herd. Any chance you get, please send out your thanks to these ladies and gents. They are compassionate and passionate, considerate, caring and vastly knowledgeable.

In short: They rock. 🙂


19 09 2016

Copper and Ty

Ty and Copper have a chat in the sunset forest.

Comin’ atcha

18 09 2016


Who could resist that face?? Handsome Maiku was loading up on alkali sacaton – and well he should. It is growing like, well, grass! We need moisture again, but a little goes a long way out here.

Sunset babes

17 09 2016

Spirit and Puzzle with Temple Butte in the background.

Spirit and Puzzle make sunset against Temple Butte gorgeous.

Sunset studly

16 09 2016


What a great sunset. 🙂

Raise your voices

15 09 2016

Cassidy Rain

For those of you waiting for a way to tell BLM that you won’t stand for the mass slaughter of wild horses and burros in holding, please visit the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign’s website:


Right after I sent my own comments, this popped up in my emaill from a friend:

Thankful. 🙂

But we need to continue to tell BLM – and the U.S. government – that the threat of slaughtering and/or sterilizing our wild horses and burros is not acceptable. Humane solutions exist – including PZP and reopening ranges that BLM has zeroed out, enabling horses in holding to return to the dignity of life on the range.



14 09 2016

Skywalker, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Happy birthday this beautiful day to devoted mustang advocate Pat Amthor, who, with her husband, Frank, works tirelessly to better the lives of our Spring Creek Basin mustangs!

Shakin’ it off

13 09 2016


The photographer totally directed Hayden to “toss that fiery red mane now!” and he totally obliged.

Well, it makes for a good story, eh? 🙂

Young Mr. Blue Eyes

12 09 2016


Back to our regularly scheduled program featuring Spring Creek Basin’s wild beauties, including classic grey Kwana.


There comes a day

11 09 2016

Sunset from Spring Creek Basin.

Still reeling from the report from the National Advisory Board meeting.