There comes a day

11 09 2016

Sunset from Spring Creek Basin.

Still reeling from the report from the National Advisory Board meeting.




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11 09 2016
Donna Catterick

It’s unbelievable. And heartbreaking.

11 09 2016

Yes, and yes, BLM has a “problem” on its hands. But BLM created it, and BLM is responsible – and tools have existed to limit the devastation (no matter where said “devastation” is occurring). The overall craziness makes me even more grateful to now work with our specific BLM people here in Spring Creek Basin who are GOOD partners, working with advocates for the benefit of our mustangs and the range on which they depend.

11 09 2016
Sue Story

“Still reeling” also TJ. And still amazed today that the BLM chooses to “fix” this problem they have created with “the final solution.” This agency has blindly ignored things that could have prevented this, and it still just infuriates me. Thank you for a photo of serenity and tranquility from Spring Creek Basin; we all needed that.

11 09 2016

The shock made us all take a kick in the guts, then get back up and stand strong. Advocates often are criticized for being bleeding hearts, but intelligent brains also have been advocating solutions for decades that have fallen on deaf ears – except in a few places where the “get ‘er done” attitude also runs strong. Would that that attitude would pervade all of BLM … and all of the West. Indeed, all of the world.

Thanks, Sue. 🙂

11 09 2016
Summer Songs

Don’t forget this article from Cindy MacDonald has great charts, graphs, and information about how truly lopsided Sally Jewell’s public lands have become, thanks to people like past Boards on the Wild Horse and Burro BLM watch:
Reviewing this article today is just as important as when it was first published by Cindy MacDonald. R.T. Fitch has carried her article in past days but I want everyone to read this to remind them how unfair, unjust and lopsided the world of Sally Jewell’s public lands really are.

Also Craig Downer has posted his remarks on his Facebook page, Wild Horse Conspiracy for all to read and ponder.

11 09 2016

Thank you for sharing that information.

11 09 2016
Sue Story

I agree, TJ. We are blessed with uncommonly forward-looking and compassionate BLM “guys” working for the Spring Creek herd. I’m glad you always remind us of that and wish there were more like them. And “Summer Songs,” don’t even get me started on Sally Jewell; what a disaster.

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