Stocking stuff(er)

26 12 2014

Pintos in the snow

The mustangs were very good boys and girls this year, and so they awoke to the best possible gift on Christmas morning – snow! Seeing the pintos was a pretty close second in the “best gift” category.

The wind initially blew the snowflakes sideways. I’m pretty sure those flakes originated over Dolores County (to the south) and landed somewhere in Montrose County (to the north).

But eventually, the wind calmed, and the snow started to settle – and melt on the warm ground. Finally, all the elements came together. The sky descended, and the snow fell steadily. All told, the delivery amounted to more than an inch of gold snow. šŸ™‚

It was a pretty nice Christmas in Disappointment Valley!



4 responses

26 12 2014

šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

26 12 2014
George W Doerre

How fortunate you are for being there, how fortunate
we all are to have you share it with us. The photo is
fantastic. It looks like a surreal painting. thank you
and merry Christmas.

30 12 2014
Prairie girl

Simply spectacular, TJ!!!!
The horses clearly enjoy their Christmas gift of snow!!

2 05 2015
Kathryn Wilder

Somehow I missed this one–this is phenomenal! This year’s Christmas card? Fundraiser for NMA/CO?

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