Storm chaser

23 12 2014

Storm, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Have you seen too much McKenna Peak and Temple Butte? Good! Storm and his band had the best view in the house the evening of winter solstice.

Well, that’s arguable; I’m pretty sure that with Storm and his band in the foreground, I’m the one with the very best view (even if all the snow is far away).

Winter solstice

22 12 2014

Juniper in the last rays of light at twlight on the winter solstice.

Juniper picks her way through the sage as the last diffuse light of the year’s shortest day fades beyond Round Top. Shades of grey look almost purple. Very little sunshine, which is a hopeful sign for the snow in the forecast.

Their world

20 12 2014

1511 Chrome, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Such intelligence, curiosity, alertness – presence – and present in the world, his world.

Chrome is backed by McKenna Peak and Temple Butte – icons of Spring Creek Basin. The snow looks great in the background, but the foreground was pretty bare of snow. However, the ground was damp, and that’s always a good thing.


Happy birthday, Kat!

Seven, seen

17 12 2014


Seven made an appearance. Isn’t he handsome? I didn’t notice his swollen-looking right knee until I saw the pix on the computer screen. It didn’t hamper his movement at all. He wasn’t in the mood for visitors, so our contact was brief. But it’s always nice to see the handsome fellow.

Snow/rain is in the forecast! We’re crossing fingers and hooves. 🙂

Mud trotter

16 12 2014


Sundance trots after some other horses after a visit to a water hole (note his mud boots). Do you love his little belly?

The rain and snow should have given the ponds a little boost, which is always a boon!

White stuff – great stuff

15 12 2014

Temple Butte in snow

Sunday snow on Temple Butte.

McKenna Peak

McKenna Peak.

Isn’t the snow lovely? And it’s good moisture that seeped quickly into the thirsty soil.

Thank pineapple

14 12 2014


Shane before the rain. She looks almost sleek, doesn’t she?

It has been warm. It has been terribly dry. It has been very unwinterlike.

Until Saturday.

Many thanks to Hawaii and California – and Ma Nature – for the “pineapple express,” which flew all the way to Colorado’s Western Slope and delivered much-needed rain to Disappointment Valley.