Storm chaser

23 12 2014

Storm, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Have you seen too much McKenna Peak and Temple Butte? Good! Storm and his band had the best view in the house the evening of winter solstice.

Well, that’s arguable; I’m pretty sure that with Storm and his band in the foreground, I’m the one with the very best view (even if all the snow is far away).



4 responses

23 12 2014
Donna Catterick

Never too much of that landscape and of course, never to much of the horses. Thanks for all you do.

23 12 2014

Fabulous! He is the same color as the grass.

23 12 2014

Storm looks pretty relaxed – no stress in his life these holiday days…
thanks for the great pic of a beautiful healthy mustang!!

23 12 2014
Karen Schmiede

He does fit right in with the color of the landscape. What a great picture!

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