6 11 2013

Hayden and Duke

Young Hayden with elder Duke. From a recent visit … just me, the horses and about a million hunters.

Through others’ eyes

3 11 2013

Friends Pam and Tom and their dogs visited Spring Creek Basin the end of August, and we had a lovely visit with the mustangs. Rain threat cut our day a little short, but as green as it was, none of us could complain! Chrome’s band and others (to be the subject of a future blog post by Pam) gave us simply beautiful visits!

After the drought the first part of the year, I still can’t believe how the rain we finally got made the grasses explode with growth. The horses are reaping the rewards. See if you don’t agree that they look particularly magnificent!

Read the first part of Pam’s account on her blog, nickolesphotography.wordpress.com.

Mark her blog as one to visit often if you haven’t already; she features great photos of gorgeous mustangs from a variety of herds, including those in Colorado!