Not-yet-amber waves

10 11 2013

Gaia and grass (galleta?)

Gaia and galleta. Reaping the rewards of September rains.

What weird weather we had this year: Drought and the threat of hay shortages because of drought, then rain and floods and the destruction of the hay that was grown.

In Spring Creek  Basin, our mustangs took it all in stride and feasted on the plentiful grasses and waded in knee and hock deep to drink from full ponds. For a beautiful stretch of time, it truly was mustang paradise. Now those grasses ARE amber. The horses are thick-coated and round-bellied. And in the beautiful golden days before winter, they graze like kings in the desert.

Galleta grass in Spring Creek Basin.



5 responses

10 11 2013
Kathy Park

I love to wake up to one of your posts, TJ. Glad you’re back at it again

10 11 2013

Thanks, what a lovely serene photo. TJ, you capture the beauty of nature at its best! Glad to hear the horses are healthy and ready for the winter months ahead.

10 11 2013

So serene, wonderful grass. The horses are blessed.

13 11 2013
Lynn and Kathy

Now, that’s the kind of STORY we’ve all seen you do and hope it continues! Great job!! 🙂

22 11 2013
Pat Amthor

I love the grass. The teaching you did with us on the types of grass was good to know. We all loved the day with you and the horses! Even with the road the way it is!!! or was!!!

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