17 11 2013

Seneca napping with Tenaz

Seneca and Tenaz catch some zzzz’s together on a blustery cold morning. It started raining shortly after this.



4 responses

17 11 2013
Prairie girl

These beautiful, beautiful reddies!!!
Their coats and their mane colors are extraordinary!
This is great, TJ.

17 11 2013

I look forward to you posts, TJ. You inspire me to write, paint, walk out into the field and give Esperanza and Cinnamon a hug. You have a gift, my friend, for seeing something transcendent. Thank you

18 11 2013

Thank you TJ for capturing the beauty and calmness of the day.

22 11 2013
Pat Amthor

I love frosty photos! And the dozing horses makes a blessed time.

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