Say cheese!

24 05 2013

Family portrait: Seven, Puzzle, Tesora and Shadow in the east pocket.

While I was busy with the camera, my assistant was working the squeaky toy and the reflectors to get just the right light on our subjects.

Other than Tesora sticking out her tongue, as youngsters are wont to do, my assistant did a pretty good job with lighting and ears, don’t you think?

Thanks, Ma Nature. 🙂


23 05 2013

Spring Creek Basin welcomes baby No. 2!

She’s Reya’s little girl and, I think, Corazon’s.

Reya and her new baby filly.


Baby and Reya, and Corazon trying to keep them away from bachelor Copper.

Reya and her new baby filly.

Big brother S’aka checks out baby sister. Reya’s little brother Maiku also still is with the band.

Reya and her new baby filly.

Love the bright white of a brand-new pinto baby.

Reya and her new baby filly.

Awww … Welcome to your world, baby girl. 🙂

Big country

22 05 2013


Seven at home on his range.


21 05 2013

Tesora and Shadow

Prayers to Oklahoma and all those affected by the devastation. To searchers and survivors, may God speed your efforts and healing.

Still blue

20 05 2013

Kwana eating greasewood; Winona behind him.

Kwana, 9 months old, still has blue eyes. Here, he’s feasting on scrumptious greasewood with “auntie” Winona behind him. Even with grass all around, they do love the greasewood.

Spring in his step

19 05 2013


Chrome on a windy, hazy, dusty day. Note the blooming cactus in the bottom right corner.

Claret cup cactus blooming.

The claret cup cacti are starting to bloom in brilliant shades of scarlet.


The prince’s plume has come on in plentiful blooms, right on spring schedule.


18 05 2013

Puzzle, Tesora and Shadow

With “auntie” Puzzle and mama Shadow, Tesora is as safe as a wild baby can be. They’re watching Grey/Traveler’s band and Sundance’s band. Mariah had wandered over to play with Mysterium and Skywalker for a little bit until Sundance decided play time was over.

Can you see how windy it was? Spring in the basin!