Warning sign

13 05 2013


The bay stallion with “the dark band” in the Jicarilla warns the “grey” pinto stallion away from his mares.



6 responses

13 05 2013
Prairie girl

Fantastic!! He really means business!
Great capture TJ.

13 05 2013
Puller Lanigan

Talk to the hoof! 😉

13 05 2013
Pat Amthor

That is dramatic!! would run the other way!!

13 05 2013

Wow, what a shot. TJ you are really good.

10 01 2017
Hope K

I think this stallion is my filly’ sire. She is the spitting image of him. Is there anyway you could help me determine what Band she is from. Her tattoo states that she is from herd 98 or 92. She would have been born early 2015 I believe. She is a USFS mustang. If not do you know any resources to help out more about her heritage?

10 01 2017

How cool! I’ll pass your comment on to Barb Kiipper, who knows the Jicarilla mustangs. She might be able to help you further.

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