Little mys

16 01 2012

Light loves the baby.

Loves stepdaddy, too. 🙂



5 responses

19 01 2012
Linda Horn

What a fuzzball! Great warm tones and backlighting. TJ, everything you do is so wonderful. Thanks for bringing us into the world of the Spring Creek Basin mustangs!

19 01 2012
Linda Horn

Forgot to check follow-up box!

25 01 2012

Believe me when I say it’s my pleasure!

12 02 2012
Lynn and Kathy

We wonder: Does “Mysterium” (given her parentage) deserve being honored with a name worthy of her parents and her place in the world of Spring Creek Basin? It’s nice to let young people (kids) name foals, but a name is everything in Native American Culture. A wild horse being named, carries the heritage of his/her life among all indigenous peoples in North American History. Mysterium, a thoughtful and (obviously well-meaning) suggestion, has nothing to do with where these horses originated and what they meant to early American Native and Non-Native American History… We applaud TJ for involving young people in her efforts to educate our kids about the wild horses still left in our world!! What a GREAT JOB!!
Thanks, TJ

13 02 2012

“Kreacher” – Mysterium’s sire – has nothing to do with the basin. It came from Harry Potter. 🙂 Not all the names carry Native American influence, and not all the names came from me. “Apollo” doesn’t have to do with the basin. He also was named by children. The horses are who they are regardless of name. Other people may have other names for these horses … I am honored that so many people love the horses … and that Rachel – and others – put a lot of thought into their choices.

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