Copper rush

24 04 2011

After heading back to the Jeep from a first-thing-in-the-morning visit with a newly formed/added-to band, I spotted Roach and looked for Poco. I didn’t see him right away, but that’s not unusual. But then Roach spotted me and came trotting up … no Poco in tow. So, after just talking about these boys and how they’ve been together for so long, they’re separated – at least for now. But they went in separate directions – was that last year? – and rejoined later. ‘Tis spring, and while Roach seems to have the urge to explore, I bet Poco has stayed very close to Bones Valley.

After Roach apparently realized I wasn’t his four-legged dream mare (and all alone to boot!), he changed course and went long-trotting to the west, across the hill. I watched him go, somewhat sadly at his obvious urgency, then continued on. When I looked for him again, he had gone up the hill and, while I watched, galloped back across the top to the east! The other band had dropped down into the arroyo-carved valley just below where he ended up, but I didn’t know whether he could see them or smell them … Even after I had returned to the Jeep and was driving on, he was standing at the top of the hill.

Did I mention the sun finally cleared the clouds just as I was leaving the band …?

Isn’t he spectacular? I love to see him calm, but boy can he fly!



2 responses

25 04 2011
Linda Horn

Such a shining coat! Amazing these horses can look so good on such poor forage and water. And his typical, ground-covering trot is beautiful. Combine that with legendary endurance and superior recovery times, and you’ve got a horse with Competive Trail potential written all over him … and so many of our American Mustangs!

25 04 2011

Truly! I know people here who always tell this story about two Spring Creek Basin mustangs they adopted (I think after the 2001 roundup): “People wonder what we DO with them … We ride them, of course!” They’re members of the Four Corners Back Country Horsemen, and they bring their mustangs to all the annual wild horse counts in the basin – it’s cool as all get out. 🙂

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