Grey’s girls

7 09 2011

I thought it was hard … it’s worse.

Last week, I had an amazing visit with Grey/Traveler’s band. His daughters are just as incredible as you might think (more). Corona (left), of course, is not his daughter. Gemma is his yearling daughter, and Deniz is his baby girl, and Houdini – right – is their mama.

Their phenomenal daddy, Traveler.

I’m running out of superlatives. 🙂

Deniz and big sister Gemma

Bigger sister Terra and Gemma. They were watching Corona, who was banging at the weird guzzler. Weirdly, Corona was trying to drink from it when she wasn’t pawing at it. These girls were fascinated – and they never tried to drink.

It’s cool to see how Terra’s little sisters take such comfort from her. All of them share an intent alert curiosity that I love.

Gemma and Deniz

Do you love that little muzzle?

And another …

Grey(‘s) girls

9 07 2011

OK, they’re not *all* grey. 🙂 From left: Terra, Corona, Deniz, Gemma and Houdini in back. Terra, Gemma and Deniz are Grey’s and Houdini’s daughters. The black clearly visible on Corona’s legs is mud from Wildcat Spring. Corona is pale, pale, ever-so-pale palomino (genetics she inherits from her sire, Corona, of Sand Wash Basin).

The beloved boy himself. So I’m biased … aren’t you?!

Who? Oh, you!

29 05 2011

This little beauty is nearly as light as her mother is dark. She’s a year older than the baby girl on the right. I was a little shocked at their similarity in size. Two-year-old T is the same age as C there … but noticeably bigger.

I can’t get over how not only comfortable they are with each other but HOW close they seem. Because of weather, it had been two weeks between my visits instead of my usual one … a lot changes in a short period of time!

Have I wracked your brains long enough? 🙂

Ignoring me as usual, my beloved silver boy, Grey/Traveler, and his band, which now includes …

Corona! (I didn’t realize until I cropped in on this how cocked her hip was, making her hips look so uneven!)

Interestingly, he’s watching Kreacher (his band is Corona’s former band – black and white pinto Raven is Corona’s mama), who was ahead on the road. All these photos were taken from my Jeep.

I could watch him forever …

Terra-girl. I don’t really have a photo that shows it – every time I noticed how much bigger she is than Corona, I was watching, camera slack in my hands. She’s an amazing girl with incredible genes!

And of course you want to see this darling girl – Deniz! Look how she’s changed! Lighter, “browner” – and look how big and stout! Notice the faint striping on her legs, too. I think I mentioned it with Juniper. I’ve seen it on most of Grey’s babies, I think, and some others, too. They eventually fade or become less noticeable as the babies grey out.

Grey and Houdini do have a knack for making beautiful babies together, don’t they? 🙂

I’m happy to see Corona with Grey’s family. A lovely match!

Deniz and family

9 05 2011

Here are some pix of – mostly! – Deniz … and some of her with mama Houdini. What a sweet, curious baby girl!

Sisters Terra and Gemma

Do Grey and Houdini have beautiful babies or what?! 🙂

Some miscellaneous

9 05 2011

In an effort not to bogart images from my most recent visit, here are some highlights.

Bruiser with his lonnnnnnggggg mane …

He and Milagro are still together. Interestingly, the pintos (including Milagro’s mama, Kiowa, and his little brother and big sisters) were just behind me over the ridge … well, not all the pintos. Chipeta, Puzzle and Ty (an “honorary pinto”!) have split off on their own – a move that has been coming for weeks. Those horses and Chrome’s band were the only ones I didn’t see.

Corona. Look at that wild and wooly mane on that little girl!

Shane – Mona’s and Kreacher’s daughter. Doesn’t she look big and beautiful? She’s almost 8 months old. Most of the youngsters – as usual – are still sporting fuzzy coats, though most of the adults have shed out (though some still have bits of fuzz clinging), and no wonder – the temp Thursday morning when I rolled out of the Jeep at o’dark-thirty was in the 20s!

Sisters Terra and Gemma – Gem-baby was obviously having a glorious time at the Wildcat Spring & Spa!

Worth it all

25 04 2011

What we do, we do for them. That’s worth more than words … they’re worth everything.

Happy birthday, Gemma!

23 04 2011

Little Gemma of the basin, daughter of royalty, our beloved stallion Grey/Traveler.

The girl and her daddy.

Such a big star she had for her baby face …

… and a big baby heart to match!

Happy birthday, shining girl!

In deep

30 03 2011

Sorry about the lack of recent posts. I’ve been working on one that’s more of a rant, and I keep deciding not to post it … and I keep reading things that make me really want to post it.

Suffice it to say that no budget for roundups this year will put the Spring Creek Basin herd on rough ground, literally. It’s hard to feel so nearly alone in this “advocacy.” Thank goodness for the work Little Book Cliffs and Pryor Mountain and McCullough Peaks are doing to stop/slow their roundups.

Here are some pix of Grey/Traveler’s band getting water from a bit flowing through Spring Creek a couple of weeks ago. I was walking back to the Jeep, and they were walking the ridge, and we met in the arroyo.

It doesn’t look like much – and it’s not – but it’s actually trickling through (from beyond them (east) toward my direction and past).

Grey and his girls.

All the family. Love the water droplets.

Gorgeous girl

Sharing a moment with daddy … How many foals has he sired? How many has he helped raise … sent away, seen taken … and yes, I still say a roundup is necessary, and PZP is the best thing to put it off in the future. Where would we be now if PZP had already been implemented? He is so good with them …

I have so many hopes for this herd … . I know the public as a whole sees the trauma of roundups – and their aftermath – and focuses simply on stopping them from happening. Think deeper.

Spring Creek Basin needs to have a roundup this fall. We’ll have it this year, when there are more horses than optimum (90-95) but they’re in good shape, or we’ll have it next year and maybe call it an emergency (with around 130 horses). Why should we have to wait until the horses are in bad condition? Why can’t we do it now, when they’re in good condition – and able to withstand the stress? Argh.

Grey(s), illuminated

14 03 2011

Prepare ye for gorgeousity.

This little girl doesn’t often find the spotlight, but when it finds her – wow! Gemma

Big sister Terra – isn’t she divine?

Handsomest. Does he glow? He glows.

Some from before the light returned:

Gemma and daddy

Does it seem that, whatever lack of light there was, they seem to enrich what IS there?

I just love them.

Daddy and his daughters …


And back to light:

Enjoying the sunshine …

Do you recognize these poses?

He comes by it naturally, eh? 🙂

I told you he glowed.

Gemma in light …

She loves her daddy! He wasn’t too keen on public displays of affection. 🙂

Grey/Traveler and Gemma

Daddy and his gorgeous girls

Mama in the background

Mama in beauty

Public affection – gotcha. 🙂


What a visit!

Peaceful grey(s)

13 03 2011

Grey/Traveler and Houdini. I wish his eye was visible, but this is a common view – Grey grazing nearby and Houdini farther away.

This also is common: Daddy with his girls … or … the girls with their daddy!

Isn’t he gorgeous? Doesn’t he glow? (Really, he does – I have evidence coming later.)

With the broad band of clouds covering the rising sun, the color of the day was fairly dull at this point … but I think you can still see a bit of light illuminating the horses’ coats – and here also, the far background of hills … But it was starting to edge away, that big cloud … revealing brief moments like this:

A teaser of light to come …

So many more photos, so little time!

Here’s a shameless plug (which I need to learn to do more of, I’m afraid): I’m speaking at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Wilkinson Public Library in Telluride – scroll down on the right – about the horses, the upcoming roundup and adoption and, very particularly and specifically, about fertility control and the annual program we hope to implement in the basin this fall. The little blurb is, unfortunately, misleading, and that’s not my photo and those are not Spring Creek Basin mustangs. I am in that film, “Mustangs and Renegades” (formerly “Disappointment Valley”), but I have not seen it, and I will not be talking about the film. It was shown there last month, which is the library’s connection.

If any of you are local and can make it, please come and please introduce yourself/ves and let me know about your experiences with the horses!

I mention that, too, because I’m going to try to get more pix up in the next couple of days, but then I’ll be in the basin Wednesday and part of Thursday leading up to my talk in Telluride … visiting with the horses again and collecting more photos and observations. We’re about a month away from the start of our foaling season, and most of the mares are showing definite signs of things to come. Most of our foals should be born in April and May, but our season will go through the summer and into September with at least a few mares.

If you’re praying for a suggestion of what to do, the upcoming scoping letter here will be another chance to do something positive for better management of our mustangs – this scoping letter in particular, for our Spring Creek Basin mustangs. I’ll provide a link to it as soon as I know it’s out (I assume it will be linkable). Public comment helped McCullough Peaks and Pryor Mountain fertility control programs become a reality (and Little Book Cliff’s at the outset – and continuing!); we’ll need them from you here, too.