30 04 2011

Luna isn’t a real big girl – she’s rather petite – but as she gets closer and closer to her foaling date, her poor belly just gets enormous. It’s no wonder that in the last couple of months, especially, she’s either eating, eating, eating or napping as deeply as she can, not happy with interruptions. She is focused inside herself.

Now, her treasure is out in the world for all to see, and she has come alive! That’s the best I can explain the change in her. She checks baby Aghavni constantly, doesn’t let her get more than a step away, even as she grazes. The exhausted look is gone – though I know she must be – and the light is back. She’s just beautiful!

Giving the baby one of her frequent sniff-checks.

Sleepy girl. Everybody was quiet. Bounce’s band had grazed away around a hill … bachelor Mouse had taken up station between them and the band even so … Gideon and Alpha were grazing close to Luna and Aghavni, providing support (and no doubt curious!) … Steeldust and Butch were pretty calm, giving the others space – Butch enough to take advantage of a nearby tree to satisfy an itch through the mud he’d just covered himself with at the pond!

What a beautiful day to come alive in Spring Creek Basin!



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30 04 2011
Linda Horn

Such beauties! I want them all to come and live free in my backyard, but it’s way too small.

If I had $2 million, they’d be roaming the Disappointment Ranch. The other Hughes Ranch is priced at $10 million+. Sell that, donate Disappointment, and apply the donation to offset Capital Gains.

I couldn’t tell how much of the HMA is covered DR allotments, but the BLM has the power to change them from cattle to “domestic” horses, which all SA horses are and adoptees are after a year. They’d have to be managed under the same rules as cattle, but they’d basically be on their “home turf”. Call it the Hughes Family Wild Horse Preserve and Nature Center or something like that.

I don’t know if the late Mr. Hughes liked wild horses, but there’s a section in the DR sales flyer that seems pretty sympathetic to their plight, especially at SCB. If he did, this could be a lasting tribute to him, and a legacy celebrating a great Colorado ranching family. The proposal would depend his family being the actual sellers, and not a speculator.

I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but I put it in my “creative visualization” notebook with pix of the horses and the area. Sometimes if you build it – in your mind, heart and “wish book” – it WILL come!

30 04 2011

Well, we haven’t thought about it quite like you’ve mentioned here – but it’s worth thinking about it like this.It’s probably worth sitting down with him at some point to discuss stuff.

30 04 2011
Linda Horn

I though of this because of a piece of land we sold. We ended up paying the ENTIRE 30% Capital Gains, because we didn’t have any losses to write off against it.

30% of $10 million = $3 million, so he should be able to get some kind of break. I don’t know if a donation is considered a loss, or if he could deduct it dollar-for-dollar. Then there’s the agent’s commission. An owner can withdraw a property, but there’s a timeframe involved. Do you know an accountant and someone in real estate you could ask about all this?

If you don’t have it already, here’s the flyer:

Click to access Disappoint_Valley_Ranch_Packet.pdf

It’s agricultural land, so the 2010 taxes were about $900, but I don’t think a not-for-profit would have to pay anything. There would be upkeep on the cabin and grounds, but a casual “timeshare” arrangement for overnight (or more) visitors could help with that. Plus it could double as a “base of operations” for you. There would be other expenses – utilities, keeping up fences and irrigation, hauling water, etc. Maybe funding could come from non-voting “donor memberships” with some kind of incentive perks.

Just a few more ideas from my overactive brain!

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