3 09 2011

While I was tweaking photos of the pintos for the ID book last night, I couldn’t resist pulling these also to tweak for the blog.

Reya, Kiowa’s 4-year-old daughter. She was released with Kiowa after the 2007 roundup. Kiowa’s 3-year-old daughter (Spook) and 2-year-old son (Milagro) have left, but Reya stays with mama …

Kiowa, matriarch of the pinto band. All her babies since 2007 have survived, and until Milagro left to join the bachelors (Spook left this spring), they were all with her.

And the newest of Kiowa’s babies: Sweet Hacho.

Kiowa’s band

21 08 2011

Some pix from the short visit with Kiowa’s band:

Bachelor Corazon. I have a pic of him running with Mouse and some others in the spring of 2007, when I guessed they were probably young, 2 or 3 years old. If I was right, they’re about 6 or 7 now.

Corazon showing the “heart” that gave him his name, band stallion Copper behind him and 4-year-old filly Reya at right. Ty, Chipeta and Puzzle are down the hill to the left.

We had some gorgeous cloud-filled skies while it was raining to the south and west, and I couldn’t get enough of photographing cooperative ponies against it! Corazon again with bachelor Mesa. He’s probably about the same age as Corazon … low man in the pecking order.

Yearling colt Maiku with half-sister Reya (Kiowa is their mother).

Kiowa and her baby girl, Hacho. Kiowa has been prolific and protective. All of her offspring since 2007 (at least) have survived. She and Reya were released after the 2007 roundup (with Chipeta). Until this year, all her babies were still with her. Spook, 3, is now with Cinch (after being with Bruiser for a while), and Milagro, 2, is with the bachelor boys. (Referring to a recent comment on another post, you can see Kiowa’s “DC” brand clearly here. It designates that she was given the PZP-22 at our August 2007 roundup. It did not work on her other than – possibly – to delay her foaling from May 2008 to July 2009 … then June 2010 and May 2011.)

This is everybody but Corazon and Mesa: from left, Reya, Maiku, Hacho, Kiowa and Copper. This view is looking basically north, and you can see the top of Knife Edge (the nearly horizontal line topped by bits of dark trees) and the northern boundary hills/ridges in the background.

See how sweet are Hacho and mama Kiowa?

It’s the small things that matter most.


5 07 2011

Some more pix of Hacho and her mama and some of her family. Smoky again in Southwest Colorado … Las Conchas Fire south of us still burning, only 19 percent contained as of yesterday’s news. But the massive Wallow Fire (burning in eastern Arizona and into western New Mexico) is apparently about 95 percent contained.

I’ll start with stalwart bachelor Mesa. One of the original Southside Boys, he has lingered with the pinto band even as it has split. One of three solid bays in the basin. Handsome guy.

That wind was just whipping – this is where witchy knots and dreds come from!

Kiowa and Hacho. That wind was a tiring beast for the little girl.

Doesn’t this have the look of a diorama in a museum? Where the background is painted and lacks dimension? It was that crazy dust and smoke in the air. Band stallion Copper at left (he looks a lot like Mesa, but he’s redder, and he has left fetlock markings), Kiowa and Hacho, and big sister Reya at right.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Fourth!


2 07 2011

Last year, I named Kiowa’s son Maiku (“my-kuh”), which, I found on an Internet search, is a Ute Indian word for a friendly greeting. Nothing really came to me for Kiowa’s daughter this year, until I did some research and found that hacho (“hah-choh”)┬áis a Kiowa word for a friendly greeting.

So meet Hacho, daughter of Kiowa and Copper:

With mama Kiowa …

And daddy Copper.

This tells the story of the day – wind-blown tails and hazy background. Brother Maiku in the back, mama Kiowa directly in front, and sister Reya at right.

Another to illustrate the smoke and dust – that’s the unnamed promontory in the background. Right to left: Reya, Maiku, Hacho, Kiowa and Copper. Bachelors Corazon and Mesa are still with the band.

Yearling Maiku, left, and big sister Reya (4). Reya, for reasons I’m not clear about, is extremely protective of her family. Mesa, as low man, is tasked with guard duty, but it’s most often Reya who seems to stand guard. The horses also will guard the littlest members of the bands … Maybe it’s because she’s the oldest of Kiowa’s foals since the last roundup (Reya was released with Kiowa, and though 3-year-old Spook and 2-year-old Milagro have left the band, Reya remains) – Reya seems to guard all but Corazon and Mesa. I’m certain she was pregnant this spring … I don’t know what happened to her foal.

Kiowa and Hacho (Maiku in back).

(Past) Time for rain dances …