5 07 2011

Some more pix of Hacho and her mama and some of her family. Smoky again in Southwest Colorado … Las Conchas Fire south of us still burning, only 19 percent contained as of yesterday’s news. But the massive Wallow Fire (burning in eastern Arizona and into western New Mexico) is apparently about 95 percent contained.

I’ll start with stalwart bachelor Mesa. One of the original Southside Boys, he has lingered with the pinto band even as it has split. One of three solid bays in the basin. Handsome guy.

That wind was just whipping – this is where witchy knots and dreds come from!

Kiowa and Hacho. That wind was a tiring beast for the little girl.

Doesn’t this have the look of a diorama in a museum? Where the background is painted and lacks dimension? It was that crazy dust and smoke in the air. Band stallion Copper at left (he looks a lot like Mesa, but he’s redder, and he has left fetlock markings), Kiowa and Hacho, and big sister Reya at right.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Fourth!



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