2 07 2011

Last year, I named Kiowa’s son Maiku (“my-kuh”), which, I found on an Internet search, is a Ute Indian word for a friendly greeting. Nothing really came to me for Kiowa’s daughter this year, until I did some research and found that hacho (“hah-choh”) is a Kiowa word for a friendly greeting.

So meet Hacho, daughter of Kiowa and Copper:

With mama Kiowa …

And daddy Copper.

This tells the story of the day – wind-blown tails and hazy background. Brother Maiku in the back, mama Kiowa directly in front, and sister Reya at right.

Another to illustrate the smoke and dust – that’s the unnamed promontory in the background. Right to left: Reya, Maiku, Hacho, Kiowa and Copper. Bachelors Corazon and Mesa are still with the band.

Yearling Maiku, left, and big sister Reya (4). Reya, for reasons I’m not clear about, is extremely protective of her family. Mesa, as low man, is tasked with guard duty, but it’s most often Reya who seems to stand guard. The horses also will guard the littlest members of the bands … Maybe it’s because she’s the oldest of Kiowa’s foals since the last roundup (Reya was released with Kiowa, and though 3-year-old Spook and 2-year-old Milagro have left the band, Reya remains) – Reya seems to guard all but Corazon and Mesa. I’m certain she was pregnant this spring … I don’t know what happened to her foal.

Kiowa and Hacho (Maiku in back).

(Past) Time for rain dances …



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4 07 2011
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

Doing them every day!!

4 07 2011

Grand Junction weather forecaster quoted in a Herald story as saying the monsoons are coming earlier this year … I hope he’s right. http://durangoherald.com/article/20110704/NEWS01/707049949/Monsoon-season-makes-an-early-appearance

We’re dancing for the whole Southwest …

4 07 2011
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

Good news! Heard the same down here – we’ll just keep praying! Friends who live out in Tijeras Canyon (just as you leave Albuquerque east on I-40) have told us one of the village’s two water tanks is so low, they have to ration! Ugh!

By the way, really like Kiowa’s new daughter’s name!! GREAT JOB!! 🙂

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