On the way

13 02 2023

And just like that, it was time for the evening trek to water, which the horses found trickling sweetly though the bottom of an arroyo. The boys are always the last to know. 🙂



6 responses

13 02 2023

Good there is water! Let’s have more!

13 02 2023

With the mercury hitting 52F yesterday, I’m sure there were some pretty nice little trickles for the ponies! But yes, we need more!

13 02 2023
Karen Schmiede

Glad for the water!

13 02 2023

More coming. … The sky is full of promise!

13 02 2023
Sue E. Story

Pretty boys on their water run. Dark clouds in the west this morning, TJ. If looks could tell, I’d say that predicted storm is on its way! More water for the Basin and the water catchments!

13 02 2023

Indeed! We have sunshine from the east … but it just sets off the darker storm clouds! C’mon! Crazily, we might start with snow, then get rain … then snow again! 🙂 It’s all good tank-filling water!

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