Water catchment 2: Phase 1, day 4

17 06 2022

Yesterday was toasty. I never did see triple digits, but on my way out of the basin, the temp was a solid 99 degrees. We felt the heat, but until I *saw* it, I wasn’t quite feeling it the way I did after my poor brain recognized the numbers. The gnats were, well, the same: bad.

We got right to work finishing up the plumbing bits. Above, Mike is shoveling dirt around the vertical culvert we put in over the valve at the trough. The brown pipes are steel pieces like we used for the roof structure last year; they’re meant to protect the culvert (which will have a lid) from the horses messing with it. Daniel is on the mini excavator, filling the trench that holds the “flexible line” from the tanks.

Meanwhile, Garth was up at the end tank, measuring and cutting out the “mouse holes” in the bottom of the last culvert to accommodate the valve and pipe. We cut and placed the other culverts over the other tank valves the day before.

This is what it looked like before filling (we had shoveled dirt into the hole around each of the culverts to hold them in place before Daniel started filling with the machine). Look at the line-up! Like we had run a plumb line to make them straight. … We didn’t. There was some measuring and a lotta eye-balling. … Mike, Garth and Daniel have the know-how for this kind of thing, for sure. 🙂

Let the filling commence!

While Daniel was filling and Mike was shoveling, Garth installed a nifty little critter ladder in the trough down the hill. How cool is it! The metal tabs are bent over the edge of the trough, then screwed into the lip to hold it in place. Then he sawed off the ends so they don’t pose sharp-edge hazards. At the end of the day, we also installed one of these in last year’s catchment trough – very handy now that we have water in that one!

More filling of the hole around the tanks. …

Looking good, right?

Admiring their job well done!

This phase of our new water-catchment project went pretty quickly, which I’m sure is a relief to us all, given the heat and gnatty hordes (!). This fall, we’ll get to work on the roof structure, complete with gutter, and start catching some rain. … Speaking of rain, we’re on day 55 (today) *without* rain.

That’s the dry news; the good news is that the forecast is looking promising, starting with possible storms later today. … Lightning, we can do WITHOUT. Rain … BRING IT ON!!!!!

Thanks hugely to our awesome BLM team: Mike, Garth and Daniel!



8 responses

17 06 2022

FABULOUS!!! And hope you get some rain to fill these tanks and trough.

17 06 2022

Thanks, Puller. 🙂 This catchment won’t catch rain until we get the roof and gutter installed later this fall, but the other three catchments in the basin are ready for any moisture coming our way. The new one from last year already is three-quarters full (mostly from last year’s monsoon rains); I *just* turned on the water to that trough – we were banking that collected liquid for the anticipated dry season.

17 06 2022
Karen Schmiede

Many thanks for the guys and their hard work!

17 06 2022

Well deserved. 🙂 Our guys are the best guys!

17 06 2022
Sue E. Story

Heartfelt thanks to these guys and to you too for your contributions, TJ! That was impressive, quick work. Can’t wait to see the finished project come fall. And let’s hope the “chance” of rain on its way is not really just a chance of lightning…and fire. 😕

18 06 2022

I’m relieved and – frankly – ecstatic (!) to report rain today/Saturday in Disappointment Valley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 06 2022

Thank you for pictures of the hot, hard work that happened to get this done. Horses will be glad when finished and rain arrives!

18 06 2022

Yes, they surely will. 🙂 I’m already glad for the rain … !!!!!!!!!

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