Peeking through the open

28 04 2022

Disappointment Creek doesn’t flow through Spring Creek Basin in Disappointment Valley, which is too bad because when it flows, it’s a good source of flowing (though usually very silty/muddy) water in a dry land.

Here, Kwana is looking through trees at some of his mares, and although I was uphill of him, I was happy to get some background in the frame of the south ridge above Disappointment Creek. It’s a rare background because the horses are rarely in that area of the basin.



6 responses

28 04 2022

What a picture!

28 04 2022

It’s a different view, eh? 🙂

28 04 2022
Karen Schmiede

Very nice horse and landscape shot!

28 04 2022

Thanks, Karen! 🙂

28 04 2022
Sue E. Story

Nice photo from the “backside,” TJ! And Kwana always completes the picture wherever he may be. ☺

1 05 2022

He sure does. He doesn’t bother posing much, but like Skywalker, he tends to make the most of his backgrounds. 😉

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