Giving thanks

25 11 2021

For mustangs.

For water.

For wild.

For beauty.

For peace.

For family.

For friends who are like family.

If they’re – whatever and whomever they are – in your life, be thankful.

Today, especially, we give thanks for all the bounty of our lives.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your families!



8 responses

25 11 2021

I am thankful I had horses to ride in the Colorado mountains and for the 4Corners Backcountry Horsemen to lead me to the mustangs.
Thankful for TJ who has taught me about the mustangs of the Basin that I love and the land .

25 11 2021

I am so thankful for you and Frank – and for the mustangs and Spring Creek Basin in Disappointment Valley that brought us all together! πŸ™‚

25 11 2021
Martha Kennedy

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your beautiful wild place, your mustangs, dogs — everything! From my wild place, dogs and me.

29 11 2021

Thank you, and to you also!

25 11 2021
Sue E. Story

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the ponies, TJ. So much to be thankful for, including you – and those like you – who advocate for our wild mustangs! And we’re thankful too each day for your photos and those beautiful mustangs who act as your subjects! 😊

29 11 2021

Thanks, Sue. I’m so grateful to know you and Denny!

26 11 2021

So thankful I found your blog so many years ago. Being able to see the beautiful ponies through your lens makes my days. Thank you TJ.

29 11 2021

Thanks so much, Valerie! Maybe one day you’ll visit, and I’ll give you the grand tour! πŸ™‚

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