30 05 2021

I love this pic of our guys working together to push a water tank into a hole dug last week in Spring Creek Basin!

This was part of phase one of the first of two new water-catchment projects for the mustangs: digging holes for tanks, digging trenches for pipes, placing the tanks in the holes, placing and putting together the valves and pipes in the trenches (including down to the eventual trough). Next up: auguring holes and setting the supports for the roof over the tanks that will funnel rain and snow. (I really do have hopes of doing at least a brief post about phase one …!)

Left to right above: Mike Jensen, Garth Nelson, Daniel Chavez and Jim Cisco – excellent BLM’ers all!



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30 05 2021
Maggie Frazier

I am amazed & delighted to see how your HMA is managed! Sure is different than any other I have ever heard of. And what great guys that work there!!!

30 05 2021

Thank you BLM GUYS for working hard!

30 05 2021
Karen Schmiede

Thanks so much to these guys! They are great!

30 05 2021
Sue E. Story

Thank you, thank you to “our” wonderful BLM guys! I’m liking all these new water catchments – the more of those, the better chances to grab some of that scarce moisture for the ponies.

30 05 2021

A picture worth a thousand words ! Thank you BLM !!!

30 05 2021

This is VERY exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing it and learning about it.

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1 06 2021

They’re the best, for sure. We are so blessed and grateful for their partnership on behalf of our mustangs!

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