Super full flower moon

29 05 2021

Is there a “correct” string of those words? I’ve seen ’em all different ways. Here’s the particulars:

It was nearly full.

As May’s full moon, it’s also known as the “flower moon,” because this is the month of spring flowers and we DO have wildflowers now.

And it was a supermoon because of its close(r) proximity to Earth.

It WAS super, and as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared into the clouds.

A craziness: I didn’t even realize the band was out there until I stopped shooting, so gobsmacked by the amazing moonrise was I!

(The pic was taken Tuesday night.)



9 responses

29 05 2021
Laura Jones

You nailed it…the moment appears to live on through photography.

29 05 2021

Wow !! A full moon, happy horses and wildflowers ! Life is good !

29 05 2021
Barbara Stagg


29 05 2021
Karen Schmiede


29 05 2021

TJ, what a stunning photograph! I can see where Georgia OKeefe got her ideas from the magnificent stark beauty of the southwest desert!

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29 05 2021
Sue E. Story

What a great shot, TJ! Full moon on the rise with mustangs. Doesn’t get much better!

30 05 2021


1 06 2021

I knew it was coming … but I didn’t know where it would come *from*. It was so awesome to see it actually appear! It was gone so fast into the clouds …

3 06 2021

I spent last week in a fog of fall out from the week prior unexpecteds, and by Wednesday? Just felt like everything was falling apart all at once – and as I stepped outside, late, to take out the trash, I gazed upon the beauty of the full moon, and listened to the peace of the night, broken only by the sounds of wild things that serenade the night in spring, and peace broke out in my heart, and my mind, laughed at me – “Aha! Full Moon! All things of today now become clear! Why didn’t I check the calendar earlier, instead of getting so stressed?” LOL It surely was beautiful to behold! So beautiful, didn’t even cross my mind to run in and grab the camera – LOL

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