Getting the gleam

4 05 2021

The last time Tenaz appeared on the blog, he was looking a bit rough, in the throes of the latter stages of shedding his winter coat for his summer shorts. So when I saw him the other evening and was practically squinting in the glare of his shine from the angle of the setting sun, I set about trying to capture the full gloriousness of his bayness (!).

But while they are looking fabulous as the days warm suddenly into 80-degree territory, they’re also almost frantically hunting the elusive green (it’s not necessarily elusive … there’s just not a lot of it (… yet?)). So there’s kind of a whole lotta domesticity going on in the basin these days while the horses, well, simply graze. (In other words, he wasn’t quite willing to strike a “handsome-mustang” pose!)

This area of the basin is cut by several shallow arroyos that run down to join the Spring Creek arroyo, so thinking I’d try something different, I stepped into it and tried to photograph Tenaz with the band through his legs in the background.

He did seem at least slightly interested to know why I was suddenly half my normal height. 🙂

But it didn’t stop him from seeking the green!



6 responses

4 05 2021
Karen Schmiede

Handsome dude! He was loving the green!

4 05 2021

He is, and he was. 🙂 The one time he looked up, I was looking at another horse and missed it!

4 05 2021

Live the poses ! Green is gold in springtime 😉

4 05 2021

Perfectly said! I’m gonna have to borrow that for a blog post! 🙂

4 05 2021

Gorgeous red color!

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15 05 2021

This is a great new adventure! It came out great!

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