19 04 2021

Hey, it’s hard to look fabulous when the wind is howling. Good looks and a hair-do like that doesn’t just happen naturally. … Oh, wait! Yes, it does!

Tenaz – rockin’ Colorado’s spring winds. You go, guy!



7 responses

19 04 2021

Looking great in the wind!

19 04 2021

Fabulous dooo !

19 04 2021
Karen Schmiede

Looking good!

19 04 2021

Love his features and coloring, I can imagine he and Hollywood are easier to find in all that wild beauty they live in! Thanks TJ

20 04 2021

They’re actually easier to find because of the greys in their bands. The white dots stand out in the brown better than the “brown” dots! Though sometimes those bays and duns blaze in just the right angle of light. šŸ™‚

19 04 2021
Sue E. Story

Just like a model striking a pose in front of the wind fan! šŸ˜Š Lookin’ good!

19 04 2021


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