Spring bling

20 04 2021

While Killian was browsing among the greening greasewood the other day, he emerged with a whole branch down his face, hanging from his forelock. I chuckled and asked if he’d model his “spring bling” for the folks back home. Alas, by the time I got into position to take his portrait, he had re-emerged from the greasewood sans branch.

As he ambled out of the greasewood thickets to graze the emerging grass (!), I realized that, with the true wisdom of mustangs, Killian was showing me the true bling of spring, and it was – thankfully – all around us.

Now, this was in the higher elevation southern part of the basin, which gets more moisture (note the presence of trees in the background). But there IS honest-to-goodness actual grass in them thar hills.

Also, from this position, I spotted another band. When I hiked over to visit them, I spotted yet another band. And that’s some real goodness in them thar hills. 🙂



10 responses

20 04 2021

So thankful for the green!

20 04 2021

I hope some is coming up in your area of California, too!

20 04 2021
Barbara Kennedy

This guy intrigues me.

20 04 2021

He’s a pretty intriguing fellow. 🙂

20 04 2021
Karen Schmiede

Great looking guy. Glad for the green.

20 04 2021

So grateful!

20 04 2021

He is such a lovely grey, I love the ones that are steel colored with black mane and tail and legs. Even without his greasewood crown.

20 04 2021

I consider ‘spring bling’ as ‘grooming/shedding aides’ for winter coats removal – LOL

20 04 2021
Sue E. Story

Killian is a handsome boy – bling or no bling! Glad to read there’s actually grass poking up out there – wonders will never cease. Here’s to the “high ground!”

21 04 2021

Such goodness that you are there!

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