Nice place for a nap

26 01 2021

Even sleepy-eyed and half-asleep, Hollywood is a vision of handsomeness on the northern flank of Round Top, against a backdrop of Spring Creek Basin’s dramatic eastern horizon.

And we have moisture, frozen for the time being, seeping, soaking and being slurped into the ground.



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26 01 2021

Glad to see Mr. Glamourous is looking good.

26 01 2021

Glad Hollywood can get in a rest. A stallion needs it!

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26 01 2021
Karen Schmiede

He is a handsome guy.

26 01 2021

Yeah for snow!

26 01 2021

so wonderful to see all that white !!

26 01 2021
Sue E. Story

Hollywood and moisture. Two of my favorite things! 😊

29 01 2021

I’m so happy that the storm that passed through my area made it to the basin ❤️

29 01 2021

I’m SO happy that California got some rain and snow! Ya’ll need such a dose of moisture, too!

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