It. Snowed. All. Day!

27 01 2021

OK, maybe not actually 100 percent of the day, but all day long, snow was falling somewhere in or on the edges of Disappointment Valley, up and down and along the ridges rimming the valley.

Best estimates from my own observations and friends-of-a-friend reports are that we have anywhere from about 2-ish inches in the lower part of the valley to about 15 inches at the head of the valley. We’ve gotten more than 2 inches of snow over the last few days, but much has melted before snow fell again (then melted, then more fell).

Even at the very end of the day, when the sun appeared in a narrow blue window below heavy clouds and above a long roll like a crest of waves breaking on an ocean beach, flakes were drifting slowly through the cold air. Temple thought it was a great opportunity for a nap.



7 responses

27 01 2021

What a great day!

27 01 2021

It must be so beautiful there today !! Hope this will help make spring greener !

27 01 2021
Karen Schmiede

So glad for the snow! temple sure matches the background.

27 01 2021

Temple, I think this snowfall is a sign of good things to come πŸ˜πŸ‘

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27 01 2021

SO GLAD!!! And hopefully, more precipitation is enroute.

27 01 2021
Sue E. Story

So happy for the snow – there and here! It’s been a glorious four days and maybe some more coming this weekend! Temple looks as content as we are. 😊

28 01 2021

Yay!!! Snow!!! With areas left open for grazing!!! Happy for you, your beloved four-leggeds and your area – – !

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