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1 10 2020

Readers have seen a lot of pix of La Sal Mountains in my photos of mustangs in Spring Creek Basin. They form a pretty dramatic range on our northwestern horizon.

During a couple of recent aspen-leaf-peeping drives, I had the opportunity to see our landmarks from different perspectives, including from those not-so-far-away La Sals.

Spring Creek Basin, in Disappointment Valley, is a little hazy with smoke in this view southeast from below Mount Peale (the highest La Sal peak), and in this smallish view, maybe hard to pick out. But visible – in the upper, farthest area of the pic – are McKenna Peak, Temple Butte, submarine ridge (my name for it), Brumley Point, Round Top, Flat Top, Filly Peak and the rimrocks on the western edge of the basin.

Autumn-tinged Gambel oak is in the foreground.

This may be the most colorful image I’ll ever get to take of Temple Butte.

It’s taken from a couple of miles east of Groundhog Reservoir, looking northwestish. Spring Creek Basin is on the *other* side of Temple Butte from this perspective.

Happy autumn. I hope you’re all enjoying the colors of the changing season and the cooler temps!



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1 10 2020

Thanks for the beauty of the west!

3 10 2020

One of the benefits of living in this beautiful part of the world is seeing – and sharing – the diverse beauty here! πŸ™‚

1 10 2020
Karen Schmiede

Very nice. We have nothing like this in southeast Michigan.

3 10 2020

It’s really a world away. πŸ™‚ But I bet you also have beautiful autumn trees?!

1 10 2020

What beautiful pictures!

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3 10 2020


1 10 2020
Sue Story

Great autumn pics, TJ! The Groundhog area has been beautiful this year.

3 10 2020

Yes, it has been! I don’t think the drought diminished the autumn brilliance too much as far as the aspen and Gambel oak.

3 10 2020

Thank you for the colorful tour of the valley etc !

3 10 2020

Always so much more to see!

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