Air quality = bad

8 09 2020

It was like this again yesterday.

Bad smoke. Maybe the worst. And apparently, it was coming from fires in Utah.

From the air-quality alert we’re under until 9 this morning (via the Weather Channel website):

IMPACTS…Areas of moderate to heavy smoke have been observed across central and western Colorado due to transported smoke from wildfires in northeastern Utah. Gusty winds and dry conditions at the Utah fires will result in high fire activity on Monday and continued periods of moderate to heavy smoke across central and western Colorado through at least Monday evening. Rain and snow moving into the area late Monday night will result in a significant decrease in smoke concentrations in central and northwestern Colorado by early Tuesday morning, with slower improvement expected for southwestern Colorado.

Uggy uggy yucky yucky.

Here’s hoping that the cooler weather and some moisture on its way disperses the smoke – and dampens any fires it also hopefully covers!



10 responses

8 09 2020
Maggie Frazier

Boy that does not look good. But then the fires all over out there dont look good. Stay safe – hope the horses are ok

8 09 2020

The fires are bad all over. And we need a lot of rain all over!

8 09 2020

Fingers crossed that the rain or even snow come soon ! Stay safe and indoors 🙂

8 09 2020

The temp dropped to 47 today, and we got a little sprinkle. It cleared the air, for sure!

8 09 2020
Karen Schmiede

Hoping for more moisture and cleaner air!

8 09 2020

Check and check!

8 09 2020

Hoping for it all getting better!

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8 09 2020

Me, too!

8 09 2020
Sue Story

It has been brutal these last two days! Hope that predicted moisture does come…but in this country, I always – and only – believe it when I see it. 😣

8 09 2020

Hope some of the moisture went south far enough to cover ya’ll! It was just a drizzle here, but it’s all good!

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