9 09 2020

The direction of light in this image is unexplainable.

I was just about giving up on taking any more pix of Sundance because the shade from Valentine Mesa, as the sun set beyond it, was catching up to us, and he was moving deeper into it, to join his grazing band.

The light was ahead of him, but here, it looks as though it’s coming from above and to the left. In another half-step – the next frame – he’s completely within the shadow of Valentine Mesa.

Isn’t that the beauty of magic? That we can’t explain it? We just KNOW it!



9 responses

9 09 2020
Karen Schmiede

What a beautiful picture! Nature is magical!

9 09 2020

Amen ❤ Magic is real.

9 09 2020

All is good TJ!!!

9 09 2020
Donna Catterick

Spectacular photo! What a beauty.

9 09 2020
Sue Story

My goodness, TJ; what is it about our Sundance and your photography! So many of the pics you take of him are truly ethereal, magical, and frankly unbelievable at times! What glorious images you capture when he is your subject. There is just “something” about Sundance, and that’s why we love him! All he needs is a unicorn to complete the image. 😊

9 09 2020

Extraordinary photo!

10 09 2020

This is truly magical! He is blessed! And you!

10 09 2020

TJ, what an ethereal beautiful picture!!

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13 09 2020
Lynn and Kathy

Wow and Double Wow!!!!

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