Blue-sky red guy

24 09 2020

Mr. Hayden in all his copper-glowing red-gold goodness.

It was technically still summer when I took this pic (and plenty warm), but you can see he’s starting to look a little fuzzy. Must be those chilly nights.



5 responses

24 09 2020

Fuzzy coming on as the days lengthen. Still pray for rain.

24 09 2020
Barbara Kennedy

Your photos are awe inspiring. But then again look at your subjects. Thank you for bringing me to these places that I have not been but hope to go one day.

24 09 2020
Karen Schmiede

Hayden is really handsome!

24 09 2020

Will never forget seeing him in action ! Great photo 🙂

24 09 2020
Sue Story

Too soon for those winter coats! At least the temps still seem to scream summer…unless Hayden knows something we don’t!

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