Sometimes … run!

26 09 2020

Kwana gallops back to his girls after a brief jog up a nearby hill to get more than a tantalizing glimpse of a mare, seemingly alone. But she wasn’t alone, and her stallion – Kwana’s little brother – told big bro (rather politely, I thought) ohnonono.

Whinnying as he hurtled toward them, just before he reached his closest mare, Kwana pulled off a slide through the shadscale that any Quarter Horse trainer would have envied. His mares were less impressed. 🙂



6 responses

26 09 2020

What a stud !!! So funny his lil bro turned him away 🙂 Great photo 📷

26 09 2020

The prettiest site of a running Mustang! The most beautiful!

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26 09 2020
Sue Story

Maybe since it was his little bro, Kwana was just being polite. After all, what mare could resist Mr. Blue Eyes! 😊

26 09 2020

Gorgeous photo, funny story! : D

26 09 2020
Karen Schmiede


1 10 2020

Love the story!

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