31 05 2020

Kwana had a little chat with another stallion, then made a bee-line back to his mares, who moved away from the source of conflict … at his very direct request.

We had some very promising clouds, especially toward evening. The wind picked up, the radar showed lovely green … and not a drop fell in the real world. Yep, it’s still dry.



4 responses

31 05 2020
Debbie Parish

Kwana, king of his mountain!

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31 05 2020

Wonderful pictoral of the basin and it’s magical inhabitants. Doing my rain dance !

31 05 2020
Karen Schmiede

Hoping for rain!

31 05 2020
Sue Story

Lots of promising clouds…but no rain drops. This is our life, isn’t it. But the “shade” is nice, and Kwana – even nicer! He is a handsome one.

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