It’s 4 o’clock somewhere

30 05 2020

Four o’clock flowers are some of the iconic wildflowers of this part of Colorado and one of those we (OK, I) look forward to seeing most. They’re suddenly blooming in Spring Creek Basin, and they’re a welcome splash of color amid our brown, brown expanse.

Speaking of a splash of color … !!!!!!

Our skies lately have been blue, blue, depressingly blue (depressing while we’re looking for rain clouds). But the last few evenings, we’ve gotten some clouds toward evening, and those have made for some spectacular sunsets.



3 responses

30 05 2020
Karen Schmiede

How beautiful,both flowers and sky!

30 05 2020
Sue Story

You were right the first time, TJ. “We” – “one of those flowers ‘we’ look forward to most” – I’m with you on this one! 😊 Glad to see they’re still blooming in all this drought! And it’s been good to see some clouds even if they don’t do anything but look back.

31 05 2020

Flowers in the Basin! Beautiful! The sky also but rain would bebnice.

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