Happy, new

1 01 2020


It’s here! 2020!

Much of our current technology makes our lives easier or better, but the things most lacking in technology still might be the ones that bring us the most peace and happiness. Spending time in the natural world, on trails, not roads, with mustangs, not on social media, brings me the most peace and happiness.

When I scrolled down through the blog posts from the last year, it became apparent that I tend to repeat a few basic words:




Beauty = It surrounds me. It lifts me. It is a constant in my life. From the mustangs themselves to this little paradise in southwestern Colorado, beauty permeates my life.

Moisture = We always seem to need it … and more of it. 🙂 When we’re lacking it, we worry. When we receive it, we’re grateful.

Gratitude = The most important aspect of appreciating all that surrounds us in this life, the challenges as well as the blessings.

There’s a lot going on in the world today. Many headlines are negative and, in some cases, downright terrifying. There tends to be a feeling of dismay, of crushing hopelessness, the thought that any one of us can’t do anything against the onslaught of doom.

And yet light shines. Possibly – probably – in more places than we realize. For all the negative headlines, there are stories that don’t make headlines, that go unnoticed except by the people involved.

We have a pretty good story going here in Spring Creek Basin. Our partnership with BLM has resulted in a mustang herd that is well-managed and cherished.

Our horses are beautiful. We have moisture.

We are grateful.

Here’s to more of the same in 2020. 🙂



12 responses

1 01 2020

And to you, thank you always for your dedication.

1 01 2020
Maggie Frazier

To more of the same & hope that your little slice of mustang lives continue as they have been.

1 01 2020

I like your perspective.
Keep up the good work.
Much appreciation. Thanks!
Peace and Love.

8 01 2020

Peace and love, indeed. 🙂 Grateful for both!

1 01 2020


1 01 2020
Lisa Hutchins

What a beautiful post. You must be a poet. Thank you for sharing this–very uplifting.

8 01 2020

I think it’s the horses that are the poets … or maybe the muse for the poets – and photographers?! 🙂 We just try hard to find a way to share their beauty.

1 01 2020

What a lovely, lovely post for the new year. Thank you–very uplifting.

1 01 2020
Karen Schmiede

Amen to all you’ve said!

1 01 2020
Sue Story

We’ll said, TJ, and one of those lights shining is you and your devotion to mustangs. Happy new year to you and the ponies!

2 01 2020
Lynn and Kathy

Happy New Year, TJ!! Thanks for keeping this blog going – it keeps us connected to that beautiful world of yours! Stay safe out there!

8 01 2020

It’s a blessing to share these amazing mustangs. 🙂 Thanks for following along all these years.

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