On we go

2 01 2020


The first day of the new year crawled in quietly. We had a little snow and only a little sunshine (unlike this image of Winona from a few days ago). We’ll take the snow and the softly seeping moisture!



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2 01 2020

Day by day.

2 01 2020

Snow, snow and more snow, bring it on

2 01 2020
Sue Story

Fizzy Winona, all ready for winter…and – hopefully – more snow!

2 01 2020
Peggy Ledford

Haven’t saw pics of Hollywood lately. Hope he is well. I love them all but he is my favorite

2 01 2020

I saw him and his band the last time I was in the basin and did a big, long snowshoe hike out to some other bands. I took some long shots of his band just to document, but I hadn’t seen the other bands for a while so I concentrated on them. He’s doing great. 🙂 I’ll try to get some shots of him in the near future and post!

2 01 2020
Karen Schmiede

Glad for any snow!

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