Red, sparkling

10 11 2019


Like fine wine, this little treasure gets better with time. (So I’ve heard; I don’t have a taste for alcohol.) 🙂

Sometimes, a little comfort

9 11 2019


We all need a moment of comfort every now and then. 🙂

Lone, not alone

8 11 2019


There were two other bachelors with the pictured bachelor, but from my vantage with another band, I couldn’t see them (I had seen them previously, from a different perspective). It struck me how small and also perfect he looked … one more shadow belonging to the land at almost-sunset.

Grey day

7 11 2019


It’s never a dull day when Mariah graces my camera on the range of Spring Creek Basin.

The good browns

6 11 2019


Not all brown is bad brown. 🙂

Tenaz and Madison make brown beautiful!

Not just brown

5 11 2019


A little shake-up with a black-and-white pinto boy in the sea of brown. 🙂

Corazon was checking out my Jeep, parked not too far away on the road. So far, things seem to be fairly quiet in Spring Creek Basin this hunting season. There are a couple of camps in the basin, and we’ve seen vehicles driving around and evidence of more (tire tracks on the dusty roads). The horses seem very calm.

The traffic up and down Disappointment Road (which passes along part of the basin’s southwestern boundary) is heavy before, during and after daylight.

One of our excellent BLM law-enforcement rangers was out in Disappointment Valley, making contact and checking on the goings-on. Our herd manager also was present for a few days.

Our wild ones are well watched, and we are grateful. 🙂

So much brown

4 11 2019


During many visits to Spring Creek Basin, we see mustangs in the distance (at least initially) as “little white dots.” We have a lot of grey horses. 🙂

We also have a lot of brown in our views. Especially since it hasn’t rained in 487,329 days – give or take. 😦

That lovely snow we got was wonderful and welcome. … And we need more wet stuff. ANY wet stuff.

Glow undampened

3 11 2019


The sun finally conquered the clouds by the time I made it out to Storm’s band. While some of the horses grazed a bit, others, like Gaia, napped in the dreamy sunshine.

I had to go up and over a small hill to get to the other side of her (the rest of the band was down to the right) so I wouldn’t disturb her. (You can see her still eyeing me, wondering what the heck I was up to.) Her mane had icicles in it from the snow of the night before, and I was trying to get a pic of it.

It never did work out as well as I’d planned because it was much too nice to stop there and sit on a low boulder – cleared of snow – and soak in the rays that the horses were enjoying!


2 11 2019


As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the snow is gone, gone, gone. My wonderful friend and friend of the mustangs Pat Amthor is visiting this weekend to give me moral support during the starting weekend of the worst week of the year (in my ever-so-humble opinion): third rifle season. The people population is much higher, and it causes stress to this two-legged and all the other four-leggeds in the vicinity.

For the most part, I believe, they do leave the horses alone. Just the sheer increase in humans and their traffic (and trash) is unsettling.

So while we patrol and keep an extra-close eye on things – including visiting the horses and gathering new images – enjoy a couple more days of already-scheduled snowy goodness on the blog. 🙂


1 11 2019


That snow is long gone, but let a girl dream about our next storm. 🙂