Not just brown

5 11 2019


A little shake-up with a black-and-white pinto boy in the sea of brown. 🙂

Corazon was checking out my Jeep, parked not too far away on the road. So far, things seem to be fairly quiet in Spring Creek Basin this hunting season. There are a couple of camps in the basin, and we’ve seen vehicles driving around and evidence of more (tire tracks on the dusty roads). The horses seem very calm.

The traffic up and down Disappointment Road (which passes along part of the basin’s southwestern boundary) is heavy before, during and after daylight.

One of our excellent BLM law-enforcement rangers was out in Disappointment Valley, making contact and checking on the goings-on. Our herd manager also was present for a few days.

Our wild ones are well watched, and we are grateful. 🙂



5 responses

5 11 2019

I’m so happy to hear that someone is looking out for them and checking on them!!

5 11 2019

Thanks for the BLM Law Enforcement we met on the road stopping to check in with you about what you see and to offer assist if needed.

5 11 2019
Sue Story

So glad the BLM guys are adding their eyes to the “watchers” looking after our mustangs!

5 11 2019
Karen Schmiede

Love the Pintos!

5 11 2019

Our BLM law-enforcement rangers are the best – every single one I’ve worked with during the last many years. They are professional and, above all, responsive. Their dedication is unmatched! And when you know that two guys have a HUGE area to cover – some half a million surface acres covering the entire corner of Southwest Colorado – you start to have some idea of the lengths they go to in order to ensure our public lands – and the “resources” on them (like our mustangs) – are protected. 🙂 They are the best!!

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