Besty girls

21 11 2019


These girls ARE in a band – that includes a couple of boys – and they don’t play musical instruments, but they seem to enjoy singing … even bad singing. 🙂



6 responses

21 11 2019
Karen Schmiede

They probably sing better than some groups I’ve heard!

21 11 2019
Sue Story

Two of the Basn’s most ravishing beauties on display…and we don’t even care if they can sing – badly or otherwise! 😊

21 11 2019

Ha – I meant they seem to enjoy *my* bad singing! 😉

21 11 2019

They love you because you are there for them!

23 11 2019
Sue Story

I’m sure your singing is never bad, TJ! 😊

23 02 2020

Girls in a band don’t need to sing, they just need to be there for their band mates.

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