Did someone order winter?

29 10 2019


The previous blog pic was taken three days ago. The above was taken yesterday.

The day before yesterday (and many of the previous days) was full of sunshine and warmth (60s) – and terrible, terrible dryness. Yesterday, I’m not sure of the actual temp, but the forecast was for a high of 39.

Really, just like that, winter came to visit. 🙂

I don’t think it’s here for good yet, but the moisture was MUCH welcomed and appreciated. We got just 2.5 inches of snow (give or take), and it melted quickly under yet another bluebird day (the snow came under cover of darkness).

Maia was exuberant in her movement through the white stuff. It slowed me down much more than it did her, but I was pretty ecstatic. 🙂



6 responses

29 10 2019

You and the pony are greeting the winter like weather! Great pic.

31 10 2019

I can’t really speak for her, but she was much more entertaining than usual, trotting around and flinging her head and trying to get mama to play with her! 🙂

29 10 2019
Sue Story

And just like that – fast forward to winter! Glad you got some snow, TJ. Just a skiff here but still welcome. Maia looks like she’s enjoying the first snow…or maybe she’s just looking around and thinking: “Say what?” 😊

31 10 2019

If we didn’t have our modern forecasts – on TV and Internet and radio – I never would have thought the weather would change like it did! We’ll take moisture in any form now, but I was really glad for the snow that settled and soaked in so well. 🙂

31 10 2019
Karen Keene Day

I’m so glad for your snow. All moisture is welcome for sure. Our mustangs must be glad for it too. Love the mustangs!💕

31 10 2019

I like to think so – that they’re glad about the moisture. And in snow-form, they don’t have to walk for a drink; they just eat mouthfuls of snow along with what they’re grazing!

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