20 05 2019

Family members and friends of Pati Temple drove into Disappointment Valley yesterday to celebrate a woman who changed all our lives for the better. To her, we dedicated the now-officially named Temple Butte.


David Temple led the ceremony with Marona, the first mustang he and Pati adopted. She’s a Spring Creek Basin native. πŸ™‚ Pati’s sister Marcie is in the striped jacket, and long-time family friend Mark is in the yellow jacket.


Long-time friend Sara Staber (in blue) speaks about Pati, telling the story about how Pati successfully fought to return Traveler to Spring Creek Basin after he was removed during the 2007 roundup.



Kat Wilder talked about the impact Pati had on her … though she never met Pati.


Former San Miguel County Commissioner Art Goodtimes served with Pati years ago on BLM Colorado’s Southwest District RAC. He spoke about how she inspired everyone with her passion for public lands. She was Art’s introduction to the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin.

(Note: Temple Butte is in San Miguel County. It’s just outside Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area, which straddles San Miguel and Dolores counties.)



Marona, about 21 years old, loved the attention.


The feelings were mutual. πŸ™‚


Our sincere thanks to everyone who came from far and wide to honor Pati Temple and her dedication to Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs!



4 responses

20 05 2019

Thank you TJ, very touching. Love Marona being there!!! Take care of yourself!!

20 05 2019
Maggie Frazier

What a wonderful memorial for someone who worked so very hard for our wild horses – all of them. I never knew her but in this case you didnt have to know her to be so very grateful for her love & help for the horses. I know there are many many people who are actively working on behalf of our wild horses and burros – who do what they can, as Pati did. Thank God for them…

20 05 2019

Many, many, many – most?! – advocates are quiet, unassuming and unsung heroes. We had the opportunity to recognize our guardian angel, and with perseverance, we accomplished that, like so many other things she did for our mustangs. πŸ™‚

20 05 2019
Sue Story

Glad the weather held…sort of…for you guys! Looks like it was a memorable and wonderful dedication to Pati. I am so grateful for this special person and her beneficial contribution to the history of our mustangs. I only wish I could have met her. Even though I didn’t know her, she has become part of everything that Spring Creek Basin means to me.

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