On the edge of greatness

23 04 2019

Skywalker; Knife Edge

Skywalker watches a band from the edge of a big arroyo. He worked his way closer to the band over a bit of time; here, he’s getting the lay of the land and checking whether anybody is going to come out to greet him.

That’s Knife Edge in the background.

Earth Day

22 04 2019

Gaia; La Sal Mountains

In honor of all our lovely neighbors, in all our communities around this big, beautiful globe, every day is a day to celebrate our Earth … every little corner and paradise.

And happy birthday to Gaia, who was born on Earth Day. 🙂

Happy Easter

21 04 2019


Wishing a peaceful spring to you all … to us all. 🙂


20 04 2019


It’s a tough decision for a young bachelor: Go visiting with a nearby band stallion … or rush back to protect your band from another bachelor. (Maiku has a long-time attachment to a band that has a band stallion.)

His attachment won out, and peace reigned.

A little sizzle

19 04 2019


On a cloudy day, Puzzle rocks the basin – as always. 🙂

I so love her *look*!

Looking afar

18 04 2019


Snow still covers the far, high country, and water still is flowing here in the low, warm country.

Hayden thinks it all looks good. 🙂

Little black pony

17 04 2019


Shadow likes to maintain her disinterested distance.

(Photo taken through the legs of a grazing band mate.)