20 04 2019


It’s a tough decision for a young bachelor: Go visiting with a nearby band stallion … or rush back to protect your band from another bachelor. (Maiku has a long-time attachment to a band that has a band stallion.)

His attachment won out, and peace reigned.

A little sizzle

19 04 2019


On a cloudy day, Puzzle rocks the basin – as always. 🙂

I so love her *look*!

Looking afar

18 04 2019


Snow still covers the far, high country, and water still is flowing here in the low, warm country.

Hayden thinks it all looks good. 🙂

Little black pony

17 04 2019


Shadow likes to maintain her disinterested distance.

(Photo taken through the legs of a grazing band mate.)


16 04 2019


Where, oh, where have you been, Storm the Wild and Handsome?

I did ask; he did not respond. 🙂 I think I can translate his implied answer: “Around.”

Well said, sir.

Just so pretty

15 04 2019

Spirit and Puzzle

Continuing with the spotted theme, here are pretty pinto pony girls Spirit and Puzzle, looking like they’re about to start shedding annnnnnnyyyyyyyy minute now. 🙂

We’re still having spring-in-Colorado crazy weather with sunshine and clouds, and wind and cold and verging-on-sunburns – and blowing snow now and then for a hot (cold?!) minute.

There might be a tinge of green starting to show ever so slightly out there. The rest of the world looks green. We’re gettin’ there!

The wildest

14 04 2019


Maiku might have the best “do” in the basin. He rocks it. 🙂

The strut

13 04 2019


No need to translate Kwana’s body language here: He was on his way to meet a young bachelor. They were very gentlemanly in their meeting.

Isn’t he studly?!

It doesn’t last long

12 04 2019


Handsome Hayden is an old hand in front of the camera, and because he’s so nonchalant about the procedure, he’s notoriously hard to photograph.

I say that with great fondness, by the way. 🙂

So I was thrilled when I caught him looking back at me recently. See above.


Then he decided to show me how thrilled he was that *I* was thrilled. Heh.


Yeah, pal, I kept clicking.

“Don’t put that on the blog,” he says.


Too late, says I.

The folks at home love you. 🙂

Shades of shale ‘n grey

11 04 2019

Comanche; McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

Comanche, like the rest of us, is waiting for greenup.

Some moisture fell in Disappointment Valley in the form of blowing snow. Mostly, it blew on through. We’re not in the path of the big storm, and we’re glad for the little bit of wetness that we got.