Just so pretty

15 04 2019

Spirit and Puzzle

Continuing with the spotted theme, here are pretty pinto pony girls Spirit and Puzzle, looking like they’re about to start shedding annnnnnnyyyyyyyy minute now. 🙂

We’re still having spring-in-Colorado crazy weather with sunshine and clouds, and wind and cold and verging-on-sunburns – and blowing snow now and then for a hot (cold?!) minute.

There might be a tinge of green starting to show ever so slightly out there. The rest of the world looks green. We’re gettin’ there!



3 responses

15 04 2019
Maggie Frazier

They are so beautiful & sweet. Spring is coming – slowly – here too. Had a really bad thunderstorm last night – heard this morning that there were tornado warnings! Scary – NYS doesnt get a lot of those. Glad your spring is coming.

15 04 2019

Beauties in the wild! I love it!

15 04 2019
Sue Story

Pretty pinto parade. And spring is springing…off and on – those mustangs might want hang onto those winter coats a bit longer! 😊

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