22 11 2018

Pitch and Kwana

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There’s so much for which I am grateful.

Today is a day when, all across this country, we sit down with family members and friends who are like family – family we’ve mixed and matched and made our own – and share food and laughter and love. We don’t have to sit, of course; I like to hike with my four-legged family, across the ridges and plateaus and mesas and through the arroyos. 🙂

‘Tis the season of gratitude, and I am grateful for every single day I am fortunate to spend in Disappointment Valley and Spring Creek Basin with these amazing mustangs.

For my family, I’m immensely grateful. They set me on this path of horses before ever I was a twinkle in their eyes because THEY were fortunate enough to grow up with horses. 🙂 Thanks, Mom and Dad. Though I won’t see any of them this holiday, I’m very grateful that my brother, Jeff, was able to, at the last minute, fly home to Texas to enjoy a few days.

For all those I’ve met on this amazing journey following the mustangs, I’m wonderfully grateful. Thank you for all you do, however and from wherever you do it.

Be grateful in this life. It’s an amazing world out there, and every day is a day of gratitude!



5 responses

22 11 2018

Thanks for being you.

22 11 2018
Maggie Frazier

Hope you and yours (two & four legged) all have a happy thanksgiving!

22 11 2018
Carla Hawks

Happy Thanksgiving to you. I am grateful for the beautiful rain we received yesterday.

22 11 2018
Karen Schmiede

Happy Thanksgiving to all the wild horse lovers.

22 11 2018

Thank you for all you do for the wild ones. Hiking with them is a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving if you can’t be with the two legged loved ones.

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